The burden of changing

PhotographerDanie Rye
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryÃ…rhus, Denmark
Photo Date19th of October 2016
Technical InfoLeica MP240 - 50mm f/1.2
Entry Description

A group of woman are collecting first-aid after two failed harvest has send Malawi into state of emergency. 6.5 million out of 16 million people are currently in need of humanitarian aid to survive. Back in januar 2015 the weather phenomena, El Nina flushed away all their crops and now "her brother", El Nino are causing a severe drought. Chikwawa in the southern Malawi is one of the worst hit areas. Malawi Red Cross are fearing a new El Nina (flooding) will hit during this rainy season. In total 60.000.000 people are in need of humanitarian aid in the south and eastern part of Africa cause to climate change.