Pine Beetle Epidemic

PhotographerSaskia Bruinsma
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySneek, Netherlands
Photo Date4 August 2016 British Columbia
Technical InfoF 4,5; 1/1000 s; 250 ISO
Entry Description

How can we breath and survive, without our forests? Climate change allowed the mountain pine beetles to destroy the woodlands in America and Canada for several years now, thanks to warmer winters and our eliminating forest fires. The mountain pine beetle is epidemic spreading all over the world.

About Photographer

I'm a photographer who cares about your story. Saskia Bruinsma graduated in December 2015 at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam as a documentary fine art photographer with a the book ‘Sikke Wybe’, a reflection about the growning distance between the twinbrothers Sikke and Wybe. Saskia Bruinsma cares about life, environment and personal storys. Her photography and images are a constant reflection of her fascination of human nature and the way we live our lives around the world. Between 2012-2016 Saskia Bruinsma participated in 18 group exhibitions in the Netherlands; Amsterdam, Groningen, Hoorn, Leeuwarden, Lelystad, Utrecht and Workum.