PhotographerKathryn Golden Maloof
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryklamath river, United States
Photo Date1993
Technical InfoNikon F color flim
Entry Description

The photograph Tracks confronts us with behemoths of the machine age; a mountain of worn-out treads so large in scope that it dwarfs the giant towering exhaust stacks behind them. What have these two Titans wrought upon the environment and climate? Whether they are industrial icons or scrap we KNOW when we look at this image they have left scars. Tracks relates to the juxtaposition and inter-relationship of man and nature. It is true to my vision, true to the lens - no collage, no hyper adjustments with unreal intensity. The image,Tracks, is naked-eye real. (Tracks is one image in series I have been adding to for 25 years, beginning with film and transitioning to digital)