Ubiquitous xviii

PhotographerJonny Bell
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWoodbridge, United Kingdom
Photo DateSeptember 2016
Technical InfoMultiple exposures, ICM, Layer
Entry Description

It occurs to me that Global shipping is somehow unseen, yet its scale both in size and reach is great. Its extension into to our lives is deep, it is in almost everything we buy, consume, and sell. Perhaps it is the ability of humankind to create scale, not only of the impact of global activity but also in the instruments we use to achieve our aims, which so engross. Dwarfed by these leviathans, often using a local passenger ferry to navigate between them, I have been seeking to visualise and represent their enormity, to consider somehow their unseen paths over oceans, the constant movement of the giant gantries that empty and fill them, and show witness to some part of the scale of our consumption.