Acid rain

PhotographerJasper Doest
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDoest Photography
City/CountryVlaardingen, Netherlands
Photo Date12/08/2014
Technical InfoCanon EOS100D, 400/2.8+1.4x
Entry Description

Storks foraging on a local landfill site, where water is being sprayed over the waste in order to dilute the acids that are being released during the waste decomposition. The Spanish populations of the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) suffered a marked decline in Spain until de 1980s of the last century due to the alteration of their feeding areas. However, in the last decades those populations have recovered mainly due to new food resources: rubbish dumps. An unlimited supply of food all year round also means exposure to several human-generated pollutants.

About Photographer

To Jasper Doest, photography is about emotion. Whether it's a travel documentary, a conservation story or a standalone piece of art: it must be an expressive image, an image that touches its viewers. As a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), his photographs have received multiple awards and have appeared in numerous international journals and books, including National Geographic Magazine, GEO and Smithsonian Magazine. Jasper's images depict what is beautiful around him, around us, and with his photographs he is able to reveal how fragile this beauty is. One split second can tell his story, that single moment in which he freezes nature but brings it to life more than ever before. "Through my photography I’m able to give a voice to the ones that are often overlooked. I’m able to share my experiences with so many people. As our future is on the line, we need people to start caring about our environment on a daily basis. We need to convince them about the valuable conservation work that has been going on and we need to convince the public to choose local decision makers wisely." "Our planet needs sustainability. Photographers can give a voice to the ones who cannot speak for themselves (before it is too late). Photographers can initiate change. That is my motivation and joy. It’s within the power of photography."