Photographermartin Brent
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companymartin brent photography
City/Countrybromsgrove, United Kingdom
Photo DateFebruary 2016
Technical InfoCanon 5DS
Entry Description

A jet crossing the central electrical supply grid over the LA river as it leaves LAX. Counting international, domestic, military, cargo, and private aircraft, LAX logs 1,578 landings and takeoffs every 24 hours. That averages one plane down a runway every 55 seconds. Transportation alone is responsible for 38% of all greenhouse emissions in LA, followed by electrical power generation at 19%.

About Photographer

Martin Brent works from London, England. President of The Association Of Photographers and established advertising photographer he shoots campaigns internationally for advertising and editorial clients. Fascinated by scenes and events that occur at the periphery of our vision, the places we pass through and situations that we pass by, Martin seeks the decisive moment; a fragment of time that would otherwise be lost, unnoticed or forgotten.