The New Era

PhotographerSiarhei Yazlavetski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMinsk, Belarus
Photo DateJuly 2014
Technical InfoProvia 100, Hasselblad 503CW
Entry Description

This photograph represents a hill covered by green moss in the middle of glacier. Because of human impact our planet enters new geological era. The image was captured in Iceland in 2014 at Snæfellsjökull National Park.

About Photographer

When I was 7 I started programming. From the book I re-typed simple commands (programs) which drew different figures. Then, I changed the numbers that were responsible for the size, shape and colour of the figures and observed how they changed. It was kind of a game for me. Later programming became my profession. However, I got acquainted with photography even earlier. I was about 5 when my Dad and I developed films and printed black and white photos in the bathroom. I remember well white plastic trays, an enlarger “Leningrad” and of course a glazer. Also I was always crazy about a squeegee roller which was necessary for photos’ squeegee to the aluminium surface of the glazer. Since that time the magic of classic film photography hasn’t left me. Classic photography is my hobby and my passion these days. Wherever I go I take my camera with me. I shoot anything that touches my heart and response to me. I think every detail and every part of this world are important. Everything has it’s own price and significance. If one thinks something is silly or of a bad style, another one finds it attractive and full of secret meaning. Our life is full of important little things and they deserve to be noticed and seen by others.