What is left

PhotographerMarina Spironetti
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilan, Italy
Photo DateNovember 2016
Technical InfoNikon D3s, ISO 400, f11,1/2000
Entry Description

An abandoned cemetery in Southern Bolivia. Climate changes made the country one of the most vulnerable in the world. Changing rain patterns and extreme weather conditions made it impossible for many farmers to make a living. They consequently had to relocate to big towns, trying to find a different job, thus abandoning many small villages.

About Photographer

After earning a university degree in Languages and Literature, Milan-born Marina Spironetti trained as a journalist in Italy. She studied photojournalism at the London College of Communication. She launched her photographic career in 2004. Originally working as a UK correspondent for the Italian picture agency Eidon Press, she now freelances for a variety of magazines/newspapers. Marina has travelled extensively worldwide. She lived in London, Paris and Buenos Aires. She has recently spent several months in Burkina Faso, covering the revolution in 2014 and the terrorist attacks in 2016. On those occasions, her work has appeared in Italian and international media, including CNN and RAI news. She is currently Milan-based.