Thin air

PhotographerAnamaria Chediak
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryQuito, Ecuador
Entry Description

So much pollution, so hard to breath!

About Photographer

Born in Quito, Ecuador. Anamaria studied in Boston and mastered in photography in Madrid. She has been dedicated to her great passion since 1993 and currently shares her time between creative, publishing and advertising projects. Her best known works are her books, which bring together magnificent collections of images. Anamaria´s lens effortlessly crosses borders. Capturing the essence of cultures and wildlife around the world has been the driving force behind her photography. In September 2010, se presented “AFRICA”, transporting us to the savage surroundings of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa to share moments of wildlife in its purest form and the intimacies of one of the ancient local tribes. Yolanda Kakabadse, President, WWF International, said regarded to her book “Africa”: “What set this book apart for me was the combination of portraiture alongside the wildlife photography. Here we see a vision of Africa that is more than a landscape – it´s a home. A place where, for millennia, families have lived alongside their wild neighbors. Their lives are tied to the land in ways that many of us can only imagine. And in their faces Anamaria Chediak shows us both the struggle and hope of a continent”. In September of 2008, she released “BLOOM”, a delightful photographic collection that captures the intense colors, the diverse textures and exotic shapes of the finest flowers from Ecuador. In November 2008, her work with Bloom wins the Golden Award at the XV “Theobaldo de Nigris” Latin American Graphic Products Competition, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in May 2010 Bloom received a Silver Medal at the Sappi Printers of the Year competition for the Central American region, held in Mexico. In 2003 she presented “ETHOS”, black and white photography about portraits in tauromaquia. This book received the Golden Award at the XI “Theobaldo de Nigris” Latin American Graphic Products Competition in 2004, held in Mexico City, Mexico. Her first book, “EL ESCONDRIJO DEL TORO”, was published in 1998; a photographic journey about the life of fighting bulls with the wonderful landscapes of the Andes mountains as a backdrop. Anamaria has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Latin America, the United States, and Europe. Some of the most important of these include :"El Final de la Aventura", collective exhibition, CEART, Madrid-Spain (July 2016) “Une vision graphique feminine” a collective exhibition held  lËspace Culturel Pablo Romero, Nimes - Francia (May-June 2014) ; “Audiovisual exhibition Jose Tomás en solitario” , Aula Magna del Convento de San Francisco, Quito (December 2013) ; “Regards de toreros”, Château de la Tuilerie, Nimes-Francia (December 2012) ; “Mano a Mano a La Féria des Vendanges”, Nimes - Francia, (September 2012) ; “Africa”, individual exhibition, Centro Cultural Metropolitano, Quito (September 2010) ; “Gestos Jondos”, an individual exhibition held in Quito (Nov 2009) ; “Bloom” , an individual exhibition about flowers along the Equator held in Quito (September 2008); “Shapes, Colors, and Textures”, an exhibition held at the AH Design showroom in Miami, during Art Basel(November 2008) ; Ethos, an individual exhibition held in the Main Gallery at the “Plaza de Las Ventas”, Madrid (May 2005); “Cuento Ecuatoriano”, Madrid, Spain, in the main exhibition hall of the “Canal de Isabel II” (September to December 2003) sponsored by the city government; “Exposición simultánea Francia – Ecuador”, Quito – Lyon, an innovative virtual encounter between the two cities (May 2002); “Desnudando el Alma”, an individual exhibition held in the “Museo de la Cuidad” in Quito and Guayaquil (December 2000); “Luces y Sombras”, individual exhibition held in Quito (November 1997) and “Woman’s Eye”, a collective exhibition held at the FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales) in Quito (October 1996). Hernan Crespo Toral (+), ex former Cultural Director of UNESCO used these words to describe her photographic work: “With the passion of an alchemist, Anamaria Chediak takes the resources of photography to the limit and incorporates mystery into her work. Anamaria´s alchemy harks back to those who seek the philosopher’s stone and reveals new horizons that are increasingly profound and mysterious.”