Tina and Geoff

PhotographerRichard Ansett
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRichard Ansett
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date19.11.2016
Technical InfoMamiya DF+ credo 60
Entry Description

This image is from a collaboration with Geoff and Tina, a lorry driver from Pitsea near Basildon, Essex. My interest is specifically in the transformation; the space between one identity and another. In common with my general practice I deal in uncertainties. The collaboration with this subject is an opportunity to explore the idea of a new identity free from limiting cultural foundations. Geoff and Tina focuses relentlessly on the detail that surrounds otherwise conventional narrative aesthetic and political considerations. It is a discussion on the nature of mortality and persona and the possibility of being liberated to find the courage to face the world as ourselves.

About Photographer

In over 25 years of working as a photographer my worldview has been shaped by an ongoing enquiry into my sense of place. As an adopted person with no information about my biological background my style and relationship to photography has been shaped from this foundation and I have come to realize that my fascination with other people’s lives is entirely relative to my own lack of understanding and dislocation. I am interested in the frames of reference through which society is viewed and my work is increasingly an attempt to convey the complexity of living in modern society.