PLAY, short film

PhotographerCheryl Maeder
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCheryl Maeder Photography, Inc.
City/Countrywest palm beach, United States
Photo Datedate of film, 2014
Technical InfoShort Film, HD, 00:01:53
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Entry Description

Every day moments can seem routine, except when looking from a higher vantage point. What can be seen as ordinary then becomes extraordinary to the viewer. This is where I find the magic. I was walking through a shopping mall on the top floor and happened to look down at children wildly jumping and playing in this wonderland below. From this vantage point up high, the children looked like tiny elves and fairies jumping, laughing and happily playing in a breakfast-themed playground. I hurriedly went home, grabbed my camera and for several weeks returned to document the children playing. The short film, PLAY, is about this Magic. I am honored that two of the photographs from this series are featured in a prestigious, Curated Photography Collection by Hamburg Kennedy for Foster Care along with Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Elliott Erwitt and Martin Parr.

About Photographer

My work is constantly evolving. In the 25 years that I have been a photographer and filmmaker, the changes in my work spring from an inside source. My internal growth and experiences reflect in the work that I create. I grew up in northern New Jersey, the land of shopping malls. Sometimes on weekends my parents would take us to the countryside where I would see cows and horses grazing. This was so magical to me. In my early 20’s, I took off for the Swiss Alps where I finally got to milk the cows! I lived and studied in Switzerland for eight years. Where I expanded my technique and vision of nature and beauty. My work is a collage of saturated memories from my early childhood infused with my expanding adventurers from my travels and everyday life. My defining moment came while traveling through the Costa Brava coastal towns of Spain, there I began experimenting using my camera as a painter uses a paintbrush. Seeing the world through painterly eyes, I began to deeply explore the relationship between the familiar and the abstraction. My goal is for the viewer to see the world in a larger reality and what appears to be clear and in focus is only our perception. This gives tension and mystery to my images. While the core of my work is photography, my investigation into video and large scale installations has expanded my visual world. By immersing myself into the world of new technologies and shifting between the mediums, new opportunities for rewarding and creative collaborations have occurred for large scale installations.