Constructing Motion

PhotographerAndré Hemstedt & Tine Reimer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHamburg, Germany
Photo Date2010
Entry Description

CONSTRUCTING MOTION OF ACTING AND SENSING IN A SYSTEM OF EQUILIBRIUM Equilibrium describes a state in which forces acting within a system counterbalance one another. This state remains stable as long as it is not disrupted by external influences. The term equilibrium can be applied to various systems, for example physical, political, economical, social and ecological. A person’s understanding of the interactions within a system can have an effect on its equilibrium. However, his sphere of influence is not without limits: if a system in a state of unstable equilibrium diverges too far from its rest position, this state of equilibrium can only be restored through considerable effort. Based on current and anticipated climatic events, this work examines the actions and perceptions of people in an unstable equilibrium.