PhotographerTimo Lieber
Prize2nd Place in Editorial / Environmental
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoPhase One XF 100MP
Entry Description

THAW showcases the rapidly growing number of blue lakes and rivers that form on the Greenland ice cap – one of the most inaccessible areas on earth. Here, in the pristine landscape, stripped to the bare minimum of colours and shapes, the dramatic impact of climate change is more obvious than anywhere else in the world. THAW is more than just a photography project – it is a collaboration between science, nature and our ability to discuss it through photographs. I visited the Arctic polar ice cap, working alongside several leading scientists that study it, and was overwhelmed by the scale of the landscape and the enormity of associated problems. All of that I brought together in THAW. Overall, the project was two years in the planning, with the assistance of Prof Alun Hubbard, Prof Julian Dowdeswell and Dr Poul Christoffersen.

About Photographer

Timo Lieber is a London-based photographer, best known for his aerial photography. Timo's work has been widely published and exhibited and his photographs are held in both corporate and private collections.