PhotographerJames Kenney
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMurphys, United States
Photo Date2013 (processed in 2016)
Entry Description

Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo, is a chaotic sprawl of its ten-million impoverished citizens, who subsist through grift and grind. The air has a pungent mass – a dusky pool of human exhaust. The pervasive dust of squalor contrasts with the visual spirit of the people, giving this photo series a coloration somewhere between proto-renaissance art and the candy of a sad clown painting. Tragedy ornamented.

About Photographer

James Kenney is the director of InterStitch Films ( His work includes two feature documentary films: Polack and Other Than. A third feature documentary, Housewife in the Heart of Darkness, is currently in post production. Jim completed the Practical Film Laboratory at Pixar Animation Studios, and he has degrees in painting and design. Jim was an Associate Professor of design and film for thirteen years. He is a published author, photographer, and artist. Film projects to which Jim has contributed have been awarded by prominent international festivals and organizations, including The Sundance Film Festival and The Academy of Motion Pictures.