Los Argonautas

PhotographerMarco Ferraris
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGenoa, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical Inforealized with Olympus Tg4
Entry Description

"Los Argonautas" which belongs to a wider self-financed project called "Mitos Submarinos" which started in 2010 and will be in progress probably until 2017. It expands from Photography to Video art showing a way of relating to nature that has been lost in our civilization. The island is a symbolic microcosm that contains the whole world. By showing bodies in their nudity humans are undressed of the veils of modern society connecting with the original state of being, bringing freedom through the acceptance of the body in all its real splendor and escaping fear that prevails in our society. These underwater snapshots have undergone only minor editing, the main special effects being the changes of shot and perspective. The element of Water represents the amnioHc liquid in which life can be created and transformed.

About Photographer

MARCO FERRARIS Born 1978, Italy Currently lives and works between Genoa and Madrid Education 2009 Master’s degree in professional lighting, EFTI, Madrid 2005 Degree in psychology, Parma University,(Italy) Solo exhibitions 2010 End of Reality, Centro Covibar, Madrid 2007 Passaggi di Tempo, Svista su Piazza, Turin Group exhibitions and awards 2010 Selected for Descubrimientos PHE, Madrid 2010 Selected for Edicion de libros, Madrid 2009 In/Comunicazione exhibition, Genoa 2009 Mention of honour, Tau Visual, Milan, 2009 Finalist at the San Fedele Prize, Milan 2009 Slideshow at Fotosintesi Festival, Piacenza 2008 Collettivo 180, by VisionQuest art gallery, Genoa 2008 Biennial of Video and Photography, Alessandria 2008 Filippo Fettucciari Art, Perugia 2004 Scholarship at Toscana Foto Festival, Massa Marittima Publications 2010 Lavanguardia, Agosto 2010 2010 Descubrimientos 2010, PhotoEspana, 2010 End of Reality on Sunday Times website, 2009 In/Comunicazione, catalogue 2009 Tau Visual, catalogue 2009 San Fedele art Prize, book 2008 Biennial of Video and Photography, book