PhotographerAlberto Horst Neidhardt
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVenice (VE), Italy
Photo Date08-12-2016
Entry Description

The portraits are part of an academic project that has brought the photographer to visit refugee camps located along the Western Balkan migratory route and in Italy. The material gathered documents the desperate living conditions and daily predicaments faced by thousands of refugees who have been stranded in these borderlands. However, hardship and personal agony are only one part of the picture. What the author found is that the picture generally broadcast of life within and outside the camps, of desperation and violence, of chaos and hostility, is partial. Residents fiercely battle against natural adversities, creatively challenge ennui, reinvent space and re-create informal economies: barbers mushroom, food and tobacco-stalls proliferate. People congregate at night around tea-houses and power-stations. What the author wishes to convey is the astonishing and spectacular, though unapparent degree of humanity, solidarity, creativity, resilience and hope, which, although not fitting the narrative, must be acknowledged and given exposure.