Complex Fire

PhotographerJames Kenney
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMurphys, United States
Photo Date12/21/16
Entry Description

Apartment Complex Fire. Las Vegas, December 02, 2016. An apartment complex was consumed by fire. The graffitied building had been a vacant redevelopment project, likely inhabited by squatters who were suspected of unintentionally starting the blaze. There were no injuries. Photographed a few weeks after the fire, planar-swaths-of-char rival the gestural washes of persistent graffiti across a carcass of concrete and stucco, belted by rails, and bleached by a desert winter sun.

About Photographer

James Kenney is the director of InterStitch Films ( His work includes two feature documentary films: Polack and Other Than. A third feature documentary, Housewife in the Heart of Darkness, is currently in post production. Jim completed the Practical Film Laboratory at Pixar Animation Studios, and he has degrees in painting and design. Jim was an Associate Professor of design and film for thirteen years. He is a published author, photographer, and artist. Film projects to which Jim has contributed have been awarded by prominent international festivals and organizations, including The Sundance Film Festival and The Academy of Motion Pictures.