Two bodies, one soul

PhotographerRoberto Grillo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Giovanni la punta, Italy
Technical InfoMamiya Leaf, Medium Format
Entry Description

The project was never finished for economic and personal problems, he wanted to tell through portrait photography of the Drag Queen mood inside of their homes, without forcing the moment, without falling into banality or worse in bad taste. A photograph documentativa, tell the mood of the subject when he entered into a hypothetical second body, flashy, the opposite sex and often completely different from the person we all knew and greeted on the street every day. It 's all very interesting. Here the conflict is no longer tied to war, to violence on vulnerable groups or whatever, but it is a kind of inner conflict between an "I" grew from a particular company, with ideals, characteristics, beliefs and ways of being, and an "I" diametrically opposed, focused on appearances, on the show and often but not always on homosexuality.