Sea and Salt

PhotographerWellington Rodrigues
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMunich, Germany
Photo Date7/8/2016
Technical InfoDJI Inspire 1, DJI Zenmuse X5
Entry Description

Spain has many impressive landscapes and fascinating destinations, but one of the most amazing natural resorts are the salty pink lakes in Torrevieja. In the 19th century, the salt was mainly shipped from the town by Swedish and Dutch ships. At the time, there was only limited demand from other regions of Spain, mainly Galicia and to a lesser extent, Valencia.

About Photographer

Wellington Rodrigues is a director of film, commercials and music videos with a background in photography, and 3D Animation. He hails from São Paulo, Brazil, but lived in Vancouver and Frankfurt prior to moving to Munich with his wife. He has since created films/photographs for organisations and brands including EA Sports, Blue Sky Studios, Porsche, Good Weather Forecast, XDubai and Outbreakband.