unio mystica-rose

Photographermachiko toragai
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrytokyo suginamiku, Japan
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

This work is a representation of the scenery in my mind's eye. I'm standing at the entrance. It is the point of intersection of time axis and space axis. Past, present and future all exist together. The rose knows everything. She has memories of herself.

About Photographer

I was born in Osaka in 1980. I began to photograph in the wake of the single-lens reflex camera that my father gave me. Kwansei Gakuin University Department of Psychology graduation in 2002, after the experience of the work of the Department of Human Resources in Panasonic, I went to School of Photography. Then, I acquired short-term training Certificates in the photo University(California), I became a portrait photographer through an assistant in photo studio. Taking advantage of experience in psychology , I have devised a "Role photo" in 2006. The"Role photo" is a portrait to be represented by a new visual effect of it, the hand finishing of digital technology and the surface pull out the personal magnetism such as the person of the hopes and feelings. In the wake of the appearance of the news program of MBS TV in 2007, the "Role photo" appeared on more than 80 times of the media, such as the documentary feature of NHK and Yomiuri TV. I've been recording the essential of the requester "beauty" in the photo. I think it is considered to be mentally support women. I expand activities to Tokyo in 2014. Through such events exhibitors and talk show at Shinjuku-Isetan, I held a 20 th exhibition in Tokyo. Now I have taken photos and created a"Role Photo"about the women of 30 years old to 100 years old in Tokyo and Osaka. Panasonic Lumix photo school instructor.