Jupiter Latona Juno - The Love Triangle - Versailles Part II

PhotographerMercedes Parodi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This triptych is from Part II of 'The Versailles Project' where the magnificent statues of Versailles are ‘mises en scène’ in an extra-dimensional environment composed of abstractions of water, light and fire. 'The Love Triangle' presents Jupiter, his mistress Latona with their children, Apollo and Diana, and Juno, the betrayed wife (and sister) of Jupiter (see Ovid's Metamorphoses). Through this contemporary galactic representation, I seek to convey the essence of Jupiter, the desperate nature of Latona’s legendary predicament as she implores Jupiter for help, and the face of betrayal and revenge as Juno turns away from Latona. Legends and statues from the past evoke timeless vulnerability and the eternal complexity of relationships.