PhotographerHuub Keulers
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHighlights & Shadows
City/CountryElsloo, Netherlands
Photo DateMay 4, 2015
Technical Info1/400s, F5, ISO160
Entry Description

This photo of this young man was taken during the commemoration of death at the American Military Cemetery in Margraten (Netherlands). The boy did a hide-and-seek game with his parents. I waited to take the picture until the moment with a curtain impact of emotion of his face and the cross.

About Photographer

Huub Keulers is a dutch award winning professional photographer, writer and trainer. I live in Elsloo, a town in the southern area of the Netherlands, in between the Belgium and German border. Beside major international and national sport events I photographed I also create sports portfolios for athletes or help them in their own photography or blogging/v My vision is that photography unites people and cultures. While borders are fading away people get a change to connect and share their passion and knowledge. Member of the Dutch Journalist Asc. (NVJ) and the Dutch Sports Press (NSP).