PhotographerTriantafyllos Famprikatzis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAthens, Greece
Photo Date18/12/2016
Technical Info20sec f/2.0 iso2500 20mm
Entry Description

‚Äč Kalambaka, Thessaly, Greece Just before you arrive at the Monastery of Great Meteoron there is a path which leads you at a rock's pillar edge, I settled down and waited for the night to come and half an hour after sunset Venus appeared in the scene which that day the brightest planet was giving a delightful glow over the pillar rocks. Those dark stone pillars formed 60 million years ago reaching nearly 400m into the sky which monasteries are built on them visible through the clouds. For many centuries, the monks used scaffolds for climbing the rocks and getting supplies. As years passed, this method was followed by the use of nets with hooks and rope ladders.