The Lonely Man

PhotographerNicky Hamilton
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNicky Hamilton
City/CountrySouthend, United Kingdom
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

The Lonely Man explores my childhood relationship with my father, a relationship that was conducted through “a maze of police raids, guns, drugs, violence and, ultimately, redemption” after he was declared bankrupt in the 1980s. He turned to crime and crime turned him into a drug addict who would one day call his son and ask that he help prevent him from committing suicide.

About Photographer

Nicky Hamilton (British, born 1982), is a photographer and former Head of Art at leading advertising agency M&C Saatchi. His method is highly filmic, designing and building elaborate sets to create pictures of extraordinary detail and narrative. His work explores characters? emotional states by playing with performance and symbolism in order to produce deeply evocative moods.