There is a Languor of the Life

PhotographerRoberto De Mitri
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCARMIANO, Italy
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoHasselblad 503CW, Medium forma
Entry Description

series inspired to the world and the poetry of Emily Dickinson. There is a Languor of the Life More imminent than Pain — 'Tis Pain's Successor — When the Soul Has suffered all it can — A Drowsiness — diffuses — A Dimness like a Fog Envelops Consciousness — As Mists — obliterate a Crag. The Surgeon — does not blanch — at pain His Habit — is severe — But tell him that it ceased to feel — The Creature lying there — And he will tell you — skill is late — A Mightier than He — Has ministered before Him — There's no Vitality.

About Photographer

Born in Italy, graduated in Economics at the University of Bologna, Roberto De Mitri have overcome the "Black and White Spider Awards" 2014 category "Fine art - Amateur" with the photo "De silent of sand". In 2015, he gets the second place in Fine Art, abstract category, for the series "Nigredo" at International Photography Awards. In 2016, he won the 11th edition of the Black and White Spider Awards, abstract category, with "De Fall", winning the title of "Honor of Distinction" in Photographer of the Year.