Fading From View

PhotographerPaul Coghlin
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPaul Coghlin Photography
City/CountryGREAT WALDINGFIELD, United Kingdom
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

“Fading From View” is a portrait series of endangered “big cats”, whose numbers in the wild, for some species, have dwindled to just a few tens of animals throughout the entire planet. The intent of the series is to conjure up the image of the last animal of a species literally fading from view as it walks away from you into a jungle or open plain, into extinction, and as if these were some of the last ever portraits taken of that animal species.

About Photographer

BIOGRAPHY Paul Coghlin FBIPP (b1967) is a fine-art photographer based in England, UK. Growing-up near southern England's beautiful New Forest and coast, Paul developed an interest in creative photography from a young age, regularly travelling out with a camera to capture the natural surroundings. Now living in eastern England, the award-winning photographer continues to expand his creative style across a range of subjects, with his images regularly appearing in exhibitions and international publications. He has a particular fascination with symmetry, texture and detail; elements that are especially apparent in some of his most popular work, such as the powerful Big Cat portrait series “Fading from View”, and the delicate colour floral series “Chroma I & II”. Amongst a number of prestigious national and international awards, including the International Photography Awards, Paul has also twice received the Professional Photographer of the Year award from the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), in 2010 and 2013. In 2012 he received a Fellowship from the BIPP, attained for distinguished and exceptional ability and creativity. In addition to his photographic qualifications, Paul also holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Environmental Science from Plymouth University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing (Earth imaging/Photogrammetry) from University College London. Paul is represented by Weston Gallery in Carmel, California and The Print Room at Beetles+Huxley Gallery in London, England. His work is also available through a number of online galleries. www.paulcoghlin.com ARTIST STATEMENT Throughout all of my projects, I've worked to capture not just a subject’s form - often reducing them down to their fundamental qualities - but also perhaps a representation of the fleeting emotion I felt at the time the images were captured; encouraging the viewer to experience at least part of that same intangible sensation when they study the images. The important textural component of many of my pictures often provokes a desire in viewers to reach out to touch the prints, as though the subject appears almost real; to feel the delicate curl of a flower's petal or to run their hand across the soft warm fur of a lion’s mane. There is also an intriguing aspect to looking beyond the obvious; to capture detail, shape and pattern hidden in plain sight, and to explore its symmetry, light and texture. My images often feature and are inspired by the natural world, which I feel a strong connection to - something which was instilled in me at a young age from my childhood in the beautiful New Forest region of southern England.