waiting for fidel

PhotographerFelix Lupa
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTel Aviv, Israel
Photo Date1/12/2016
Entry Description

All residents of the city are flocking towards the main square of Cienfuegos, Cuba. Everyone wants to give their last respects to the leader. They wait patiently for the convoy pass. They stand shoulder to shoulder together as one body, refusing to believe that this moment has come. The people in Cuba are very confused. Everyone flocking to commemoration ceremonies, but it seems as if they were forced to attend. Street care about praise loudly Fidel, but in the houses do not stop griping and complaining. The government declared a nine-day mourning period and imposed strict prohibition on having Nightlife - Selling drinks acute and playing music in public. this prohibition is enforced and have been arrests of people selling alcohol. tourism continues to quietly and life are held as usual - no drama, no tears, and no attempted coup. everyone wants it to be over, to return to dance celebrate and