PhotographerCristina Núñez Baquedano
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companycristina núñez baquedano
City/CountryPamplona, Spain
Photo Date2015-2017
Technical InfoCanon EOS 5D Mark III-Fuji x2
Entry Description

The daily routine of the only female rugby team in Navarre (Spain) in existence for the last 19 years. A minority sport practiced by a group of women aged 16 to 41. A presumably masculine sport. Unique aims to break from all those stereotypes that surround female rugby. Committed, unrelenting, strong, amusing and feminine with very diverse cultural and social backgrounds: students, professionals, mothers… whose lives would never have crossed if it weren’t for this sport.

About Photographer

Pamplona (Spain) 1978. She studied photography at the School of Art in Pamplona. Independent photographer from 2001, she devoted her professional life to photo-journalism and publicity photography. Since 2012 she has been editor of the magazine Contraluz published by the Agrupación Fotográfica Navarra. She has also collaborated with non-profit associations such as HYPOHEALS and NOSOLOFILMS whose objective is training and social empowerment through the use of image using scenes of social exclusion. Her personal projects have an anthropological perspective through which she documents stories using culture as an expression of the behaviour of contemporary society, constantly questioning the role of photography as a means of expressing current dilemmas. In 2016 she received a grant for artist creation for the project “UNIQUE”.