UN MUNDO POR ADELANTE - El futuro no es nuestro (working tit

PhotographerKirstin Schmitt
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLa Habana , Cuba
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoCanon / 35mm
Entry Description

UN MUNDO POR ADELANTE - El futuro no es nuestro; Cuento en cinco angustias y una esperanza... (engl. THE WORLD AHEAD - The future is not ours; a narration in five anguishes and one hope... ) KEY FACTS (project in development / conceptual documentary photography /candid / located in the tradition of the Latin American magical realism / large scale Hahnemühle Photo Rag smooth / La Habana, Cuba / since 2017)

About Photographer

documentary filmmaker, DoP & photographer. After studying Anthropology & filmmaking in Germany & Cuba, Kirstin worked 2010-2014 as teacher for Goethe Institute & journalism university in Angola. Her documentary-projects focus liminal stages & the impact of transition. Characteristic for her work is the use of environment & intimate encounters with the strength & vulnerability of her protagonists. The works got showcased at museums, art fairs & filmfestivals (Shanghai Film Festival,Dok-Leipzig, Art Basel Miami-Scope Art Show, Sumerset house London). Based in La Habana.