PhotographerOded Wagenstein
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrykefar sirkin, Israel
Photo Dateon going
Entry Description

Cuba’s youth, born in the time of Castro, are facing a new revolution. With the arrival of smartphones and internet – and with it, Facebook, Google, Skype and American movies and music – they’re not only altering the way they dress and talk, but the way they communicate with each other and with the world. They’re on the path to one of the greatest changes of their lives

About Photographer

Born in the Middle East to a family of migrants from the Balkans, Oded Wagenstein (1986) uses the photographic medium to explore the themes of Aging, Longing, and Memory. His work has been published in BBC, National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler among others. He published three books. Working with JDC-ESHEL, part of a global NGO advocating for the elderly, creating a ground for a better intergenerational understanding and bond. He is also a senior lecturer at the Galitz School of Photography, based in Tel Aviv, where he teaches thousands of students, both Jews and Muslims to use