Unpredictable Beauty of Weathers Over Landscapes

PhotographerWilliam W. Tam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrycolorado springs, United States
Photo Date2016/2017
Technical InfoNikon D7200
Entry Description

Weathers and natures of each day provide a unique emotions of how the day goes. Each photos with weather patterns being taken at that particular moments depicts a strong emotions of the day.

About Photographer

I am a outdoor type of hobbyist and amateur photographer and fairly new to the photograph communities. I often travel and hike various places within the rockies region in the states. The outdoor can be ranged from extreme hiking and dangerous outdoor conditions all the way to extreme temperature settings. It never dishearten me, since these requires great physical strength and mentality to pursue the unique photos that I desired. I joined monochrome art because of the dark theme that has been my inspiration, after watching Tim Burton's famous signature movies as well as Black Mirror that is created by Charlie Brooker. They have very unique taste in dark theme and I am very inspired by it to pursue monochrome photography and many has yet to come.