Bug Transport

PhotographerTodd Bradley
Prize3rd Place in Special / Micro
City/CountrySan Diego, United States
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoArchival pigment museum rag
Entry Description

Bug Transport Miniature figures were what I turned to when embarking on a project to explore my child-like mind and not be so serious all the time, and to be more adventurous in my imagination. The Bug-Transport project is about the same thing. It’s about adding a bit of fantasy into my reality. It’s about lightening my load. It’s about being playful, and happy. And not being so serious all the time. It is based on the silly thought of; What if bugs were the size of livestock and we road them around for transportation?

About Photographer

Todd Bradley (1970, Detroit, USA) is a contemporary photographer currently residing in San Diego, and Palm Springs California. His work concentrates on nature, and urban decay. Often showing quirkiness, Todd’s aesthetic focuses on detailed features, demonstrating new perspectives to ordinary objects in still time. Classic photographers Karl Blossfeldt, Edward Weston, and Robert Mapplethorpe undoubtedly have influenced Todd’s work with their clean lines, geometry in nature, and use of negative space. Todd brings freshness in his whimsical compositions and subject matter. Todd has exhibited in numerous group shows world-wide including the See/Me Awards the Louvre, Paris; the Fort Wayne Museum of Contemporary Art; Camera USA, Florida; The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado; He’s been awarded the Bronze Award by FAPA, London for his work on the Salton Sea. He’s received two honorable mentions from the Monochrome Photography Awards.