Vivid dreams and fragile emotions

PhotographerSabrina M
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAntwerp, Belgium
Photo Date2016-2017
Technical Infophotocollages
Entry Description

I attempt to portray fantasy, emotion and intense feelings in my work. I hope my images offer hope in a complex time colored by negativity. I try to convey my reality to the viewer and enchant them with an alternate reality. The end result is one thing but the creative process that precedes it is equally important to me.Recurring themes of contradictory feelings like loneliness, freedom, anonymity, flight or death go together in a dialogue that I try to translate into positive images. These images sometimes arise spontaneously or I can get inspired by things that I hear or read. Like a traditional sculptor, I model with modern technologies and applied software all of the preparatory work to help bring to life what I had in mind from the beginning. The biggest compliment I can get is that the viewer creates his or her own story full of their own personal