Dreams of A Butterfly

PhotographerJUNG-CHAN, LIAO
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHualien County, Taiwan
Photo Date2016.1.7
Technical InfoDigitally Collage
Entry Description

Once upon a time, there lived a philosopher named Chuang Chou, who dreamed vividly that he was a butterfly. He thought that he was indeed a butterfly, and he totally forgot that he had been so-called Chuang Chou. Later when he woke up, he found himself turning into Chuang Chou again. His body, hands and legs, was none other than himself. Thus he wondered, "Which one is the real me? Am I the man, Chuang Chou, who dreamed of turning into a butterfly, or the butterfly becoming a man in its dream?"

About Photographer

I come from Taiwan. I received my master degree from Taipei National University of the Arts (TUNA), Taiwan. I am teaching visual arts in universities and colleges. As a digital visual artist, I create images that extract the most exquisite elements deep inside my heart, my mind and my soul. My art works reflect my senses of aesthetics and views of philosophy, rather than only record the explicitly observable phenomenal world. That is to say: "I feel, I think, so I create." Most of the time, I rely on my instincts for creation. I intend to catch the evanescent moments and depict the essence of eternity from transience through photography. Besides the characters of impromptu delights, my digital art works are unbounded by existing forms and structure, and freely blend of western and oriental cultural elements. Some of them are endowed with metaphysical poetry.