The kings of the desert

PhotographerPanos Laskarakis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryIOANNINA, Greece
Photo Date27/06/2012
Technical Infof8-1/1000-iso200
Entry Description

Winter morning in one of the most remoted and deserted area on the planet in northwestern Namibia bordering with Angola , where the river Kunene from the Hartmann valley meets the absolute desert and land (kaokoland) of the impressive antelope gemsbuck (Oryx gazella). This kind of antelope I was expecting in the middle of nowhere , from the top of a sand dune with my telephoto lens.I knew that the Oryx usaly crosses this path of the desert in order to quench the thirst in the river Kunene .

About Photographer

I first got involved in photography in 2005 and since then I have kept on evolving my techniques and knowledge, through a series of valuable experiences, by visiting several places on the planet like the Arctic, Africa, Asia , America and Europe, capturing impressive sights with a different perspective. Nature photography is love, passion, exploration , adventure and creation. I always look for dramatic action and I feel alive in every sense, when I experience the greatness of natural elements.