To Tell a Story

PhotographerMiho Yamazaki
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTokyo, Japan
Photo Date26/07/2016-18/10/2016
Entry Description

I made these images from landscape photos of Tohoku region, stricken area of Tohoku earthquake, and the photos of its inhabitants’ hands. Some are posing as they like, the others having paper cranes, which I made to pray and pass my wish for their happiness. Little by little, the memories of the disaster are fading outside Tohoku; the victims are still saying: “even if you can’t help us, it will relieve us that you remember us and what we told you about the earthquake”. They’ve wanted to tell, we’ve wanted to listen to them for our humanity, and they and we will never want to forget what they told and tried to tell. I took the pictures of their hands as the stories without words, and am about to pass them to others.