Humpback Portrait

PhotographerMok Wai Hoe
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date19 Sep 2016
Technical InfoCanon5DIII, 8-15mm f/10 1/500s
Entry Description

This photograph was taken in Tonga when two young adult humpback whales were intensely interacting with each other. The local guide warned us that they were "crazy whales"; a term they use to describe hyperactive whales that would not be shy with humans. True enough, the whales took turns to surface and each time they took a keen interest in the snorkelers by swimming incredibly close to us. In this photo, the humpback whale was so curious with my camera that it swam 5 meters in front of me and starred straight into my lens.

About Photographer

Mok Wai Hoe is a photo enthusiast with a special interest in underwater photography and marine life. He has been placed in photography competitions, such as Ocean Geographic Photos of the Year and Our World Underwater, with his most notable accolade being the Master of Ocean Geographic Competition Wyland Award. His images have appeared in several issues of Ocean Geographic, with a special feature of "OGX Emerging Pro Wildlife Photographer" in issue 35/16. In 2015, Mok was inducted into the Ocean Artists Society.