Selfie Culture

PhotographerJelena Jankovic
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBelgrade, Serbia
Photo Date24.08.2016.
Technical InfoSony RXIII
Entry Description

The year 2016 reminds me of the time when selfie culture started to determine our existence; everybody needs to know where we are or are we doing something. While we are waiting for the approval of others, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the mysterious world around us. The photo was taken at the Massive Attack concert in Pula/Croatia, in August 2016.

About Photographer

Jelena Janković is fine art photographer, specialized in dance and theater photography. She was born in Belgrade, in 1985. She has completed her studies of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Singidunum University. After her studies, she pursued specialization in art photography with the renowned artist Aleksandar Radoš. Her professional engagement began as a documentary photographer, and her love for acting, dance, and stage introduced her to theatre photography and initiated her collaboration with Bitef theatre in 2010. While working with Bitef Dance Company, she was exploring aesthetics of dance photography and became official Bitef Festival photographer. In 2014, feature film photography as well. The same year, she engaged in educational work with children, leading creative photography workshops at Children’s Cultural Centre Majdan in Belgrade. She has exhibited at eighteen groups and six solo exhibitions and has been credited for photography in over 30 theatre productions. 2015 she establishes a connection with the creative team of the Ensemble of National Dances of Serbia and becomes their official photographer, and starts exploring movement through the traditional dance. Her photographs have been published: Rolling Stone (DE), Professional Photographer(USA), Digital SLR Photographer magazine (UK), fotoMAGAZINE (DE), LensCulture. She is a member of The Association of Fine Arts Artist and Designers of Serbia. Her numerous awards include: 2010 and 2013 – first prize for art photography at the Night of museums cultural event for documentary photography. 2011 – FIAP plate of Sterijino Pozorje for Theatre Photography. 2013 – She was awarded for art photography in Photographic Angle’s Competition FACES in Great Britain in the category of portrait. 2015 – First prize International Competition of Contemporary Photography Rovinj Photodays in the category of fashion. 2017 – First prize and festival Grand Prix Balkan Photo Awards 2016 in the category of everyday life. 2017 – Finalist in category Street photography and Winner Serbia National Award, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards 2017 – Finalist in category Documentary photography Siena International Photo Awards 2017 2017 – Second prize International Competition of Contemporary Photography Rovinj Photodays for documentary photography. 2017 –Finalist of 2017 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest/photojournalist, Russia She lives and works in Belgrade and Zagreb.