Soul's Sentry

PhotographerEmily Budine
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNutley, United States
Photo Date02/2017
Technical InfoShot on Canon 7D
Entry Description

In "Soul's Sentry" the contrast between the eyes and the gold "war paint" tells the story. The war paint shows that she is a sentry, or a soldier, stationed to control access to her soul. It is a response to the exterior expectations of beauty and perfection society has in place. The warmer lighting that illuminates the glitter war paint shows a confident, beautiful exterior, however the eyes show a different story. The woman stands firm and keeps her soul a secret, masked by her beauty and dark eyes, however the reflection of a ring light shows a break in the darkness. This ultimately represents her willingness to share the light inside her soul for the right person who sees her for who she is on the inside and not who she appears to be on the outside.