Photographersky ng 黃詩凱
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymedan, Indonesia
Entry Description

like to stand like this on the highest place, not in a hurry to pull the trigger but to close eyes and listen to the breathing of the earth. Gradually the mind got broader; the barrier inside suddenly disappeared. Slowly I opened my eyes and was shocked by the scenery in front of me. Before leaving, I kept all that touched me held in my mind and let it become the power when I feel helpless. I do have to pay my gratitude to all that moved me and I believe it will be felt. Here I took a shot down the hill and share it with you. The colors that the Nature uses matches so well.

About Photographer

I'm not that photographer who spends time on focusing or on preposition. I shoot whatever I see. I love to shoot people the most, and I found people is the most beautiful and emotional scenery, and also the most precious art. I'm always like this. As long as I see him in the eyes through the lens, I get panic and worried, and then I'll wait for the next expression that is not that sad. I would worry if the beautiful scene would be ruined and so would be my own confidence because the photos would stay in my mind for long. Sometimes I would stop shooting. But how would we know if there will be another scene that worths using one more film? How do we know that this is it!? I tell myself: To live, to have causes and conditions with people and to allow ourselves to be a person with more stories. And then the photos would be better. After countless life experiences, we would know which photo is the best one that you're proud of. Hello. I am Sky. I'm from Indonesia.