Raising Awareness About Endangered Lemurs

PhotographerAmy Siqveland
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMinneapolis, United States
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

90% of Madagascar’s forests have been destroyed through slash-and-burn. With the extreme loss of habitat, many of the native species (not found anywhere else in the world) are now endangered and face extinction. Pictured here are several types of wild lemurs. Researchers, scientists and Malagasy conservationists feel that raising awareness about this issue (both in Madagascar & abroad) is the key to saving these animals.

About Photographer

I write and shoot photographs because I believe art can be one the most important mediums for exchanging dialogue and creating change. I am a former social worker and am passionate about human rights issues, environmental conservation and the empowerment of women and marginalized communities. I believe in using my pen and camera as grassroots tools to both honor hope and fight oppression in a nonviolent manner.