Anatomy of a Museum

PhotographerTommaso Rada
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrybraga, Brazil
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Who does not remember visiting, as a child, a Natural History Museum? Before TV shows and smart phones, the Natural History Museum was the place to discover about all the fauna and flora of the Planet. Entering the Natural History Museum was like crossing a magic portal and traveling to remote and unknown places. In 2015 the University of Porto started renewing the building that host the Natural History Museum of the city, the exhibition rooms were dismissed and all the animals and objects belonging to the collection were wrapped up to be protected and stored in a new space. During this transitions phase the equilibrium and the magic of the Museum changed: the animals and the objects gained a new and bizarre life. Displaced from their defined position and out from the staged environment, they became strange objects, inhabiting the space abandoned by the guards of the buildings.