PhotographerCoco Amardeil
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryParis, France, Metropolitan
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Emerging from a body of water naturally provokes a strong range of human emotions. In “Come Hell or High Water” we see millennials at this critical moment, their faces breaking the surface of the water displaying a range of emotions, from joy to fear, astonishment, and tranquility . In this isolated, abstract moment, it is hard to know the truth of their expressions, but the genuine depth of feeling behind them cannot be ignored. Coco chose to work with people of this age specifically because they are overcome with apprehension and a multifaceted anxiety in a sea of stimuli that surround them. The images are ambiguous in their location – it is impossible to know whether they are in a pool, a sea, or a lake, and this dislocation is accentuated by the artificiality of the light which is at odds with the calm, pastoral feeling of the images. Every pore, blemish, and drop of water is clearly visible in this series

About Photographer

Coco Amardeil was born in Toronto. Twenty years ago, after she graduated from university, she moved to Paris and began her career as a photographer. Her sense of aesthetics along with her elegant and offbeat style, original subjects and inventive image treatment have resulted in a distinctive body of work, such as her series Furniture Fucking and 8 Femmes. Amardeil has been recognized for the creative and graphic quality of her work and has worked for several magazines – Vogue Bambini, Elle, Madame Figaro – as well as for major brands such as Veuve Clicquot, Le Bon Marché, and L’Oréal.