PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBangalore, United Arab Emirates
Photo Date18-03-2016
Technical InfoNikon D800e Tamron lens 24-70
Entry Description

Images are captured during HOLI FESTIVAL( festival of colors at India,where men women children young and adult smear colors on each other and perform the festival in ritual way also the emotions of faces are highlighted in these images which are self explained along with joyful moments where the whole crowd are merged with colors to embrace the feel of annual festival .Here people greet each other fruits and flowers and perform traditional ritual inside and outside the temple of the city with oneness and thanks giving to each other on this day.

About Photographer

Myself Muthu Krishna hail from Bengaluru(India),Architecture is my main profession ,currently working in Dubai and photography is my passion from age of 25 which makes to capture the incredible moment of the nature and people into my lens forever.