PhotographerChristiaan van Heijst
Prize2nd Place in Book(self-published) / Monograph
City/CountryHaarlem, Netherlands
Photo DateFirst published December 2016
Technical Infobook, 208 pages, English
Entry Description

Cargopilot is a heavyweight luxury coffee table volume bringing together over 200 of his photos from the cockpit and from the ramp on six continents, from technically fascinating views of the operation of the Boeing 747 to evocative earthscapes and the rare sight of other aircraft in flight. Christiaan was also witness to a unique phenomenon, which lit up the floor of the Pacific Ocean at night as his cargo jet flew overhead. Geologers, nautical authorities, the military (officially) and the airlines are at a loss to explain the sight, but Christiaan's photos of that night that were published around the world are reproduced in this book, along with Christiaan's detailed account of the flight. Christiaan's flying and his camera take in everything from the global megahubs of Chicago, Beijing and Luxembourg to exotic ports such as Kinshasa, Kabul and Lagos.

About Photographer

Traveller, airline pilot, adventurer and admirer of natural light