The Duel

PhotographerSonalini Khetrapal
Prize1st Place in Nature / Wildlife
City/CountryNew Delhi, India
Photo Date9/14/2016
Technical Info1/1250 sec at F/4.0, ISO 100
Entry Description

Etosha National Park in Namibia is a visual treat - The open and arid landscape combined with the changing colors of the 'etosha pan' are truly stunning. To photograph zebras with their striking coats across this backdrop was the goal of my last trip. This image was captured at a water hole - the zebras arrived in a file to quench their mid morning thirst. All of a sudden there was chaos and thick dust clouds blinded our vision. Within moments, two male zebras emerged from the dust, landing heavy blows at each other with their hooves and heads. The duel lasted only a few minutes but it gave me an opportunity to capture this heavily charged moment, between otherwise peaceful animals.

About Photographer

My passion for animals coupled with my love for photography resulted in my pursuit of wildlife photography. My first safari in the wild impacted me in many ways. I wanted to capture it all - the expanse of the Savannah, the clear blue skies, the stark stillness of my surroundings. It was something I wanted to preserve forever. What started as an amateur endeavor– took on a more consistent role with each successive trip. I felt an urgent need to raise awareness of the myriad life forms that were threatened with extinction, not by natural selection or cosmic events, but by both the actions and inaction's of man. I believe that wildlife photographs are indispensable tools to inspire everyone towards a cause – conservation of the wild by creating a connection with nature and the need to protect it. I have traveled more than half the world and have lived in several countries including India, United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. My undergraduate degree is in Engineering and Economics from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and I have done a Masters from Columbia University, New York. Last year, I completed my PhD in Health Economics from the University of London. Before my PhD I worked for a few years at the World Bank in Washington. But my time in the wild has taught me several important lessons, among them patience and perseverance. I have learnt to push myself harder and while doing so remain unperturbed. I have learnt to accept challenges that are out of my control - the vagaries of weather, difficult terrain, and my subjects with a strong mind of their own and still persevere. Stay with the subject for as long as possible, often the whole day to get that perfect shot. It's that focus on pursuit that has been my greatest learning. Both fulfilling and exciting. Website: Email: