The land where children wouldn't grow up

PhotographerRomain Ruiz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryParis, France
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoCanon device
Entry Description

I took this picture in Aktau - Kazakstan (July 2016) To present this place, Aktau is very dry and arid city. The only attraction of the city is being close to the sea. Because of its sad grey buildings and its hydrocarbons companies’ headquarters, very few tourists spend their time in this city. My artistic goal was to demonstrate the imaginative power of children and their ability to transform and modulate their environment in order to make it completely magical despite the dismal. As I was walking by in the central place of the city, I saw children bathing in a fountain, transforming a grey soviet square into a festival of splashes, laughter and joy. The two children were telling a story to each other and seemed to travel, to escape analogically by the boat of the fountain to the extraordinary lands of their imagination. The name of the picture is :"The land where children