Lexicon of Love and Loss

PhotographerTomasz Solkowski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNewmarket, Canada
Photo Date2015
Entry Description

Works in the series explore the intimate connection between the internal and external spheres of our selves. Each image a lexicon of concepts related to love and loss. Objects and structures exist in a tight relation with the mind, reflecting and amplifying the internal states and feelings. They seamlessly align the tangible and the intangible. Image1: Strength.Weakness.Inevitability.Destiny.Annihilation. Image2: Silence.Connection.Thought.Word.Divide. Image3: Magnetism.Unity.Impermanence.Distance.Permanence. Image4: Freedom.Hope.Secrets.Walls.Reasons. Image5: Energy.Decay.Path.Necessity.Rebirth.

About Photographer

Tomasz Solkowski is a photographer based in Greater Toronto Area in Canada. His images are a visual meditation on the relationships between people, objects, space and time.