PhotographerShawn Zhehan Tang
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySHAWN z. TANG
City/CountrySyracuse, United States
Photo Date12.19.2016
Technical InfoD810
Entry Description

Sunrise. Standing in a hot-air balloon and watching many many more other balloons rising as the sun breaking through the darkness. Clouds made the drama. Lights play the script. It was like a wonderland looking at all these happening from above. But it was also cute at the same time. It was naughty, like a clementine.

About Photographer

Shawn Tang is a New-York based photographer whose work focuses on landscape and traveling photography. Traveling almost full time during his childhood earned him the passion for photography, and an ever-growing concern toward the cause-effect relationship between landscape and environmental issues such as air pollution, climate change and so on.