Premium Digital Media Set

Photographercédric raccio
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTroistorrents, Switzerland
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Hundreds of information pierce us like a lightning, disorderly, confused or even subjective and it is to our reason that is entrusted the task of reordering these millions of words, these millions of pixels. Strangeness has interfered in all topical subjects. Us, the actors and observers of this period of incomprehension and astonishment, feel as helpless as empty of divine. The whole world seems self-centered, politics and its far-fetched balancing act is about to collapse, and multinationals are always looking for novelties to escape satiety. In the project «The new powerful absurd market» Cédric Raccio uses materials derived from commodification as well as our new gestures coming from digital consumption. Simple, colorful and absurd elements that assemble and construct totemic visuals filled with irony in the face of deviations and great questions from our century.